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09-13-2012, 09:30 AM
Basically, yeah - you'll find a huge amount of things work, and almost anything will at least get things done.

However, based on the style you're already starting to develop, I'd propose cruisers will be better for you than escorts.

Escorts are fast, and built for dumping damage from narrow arc weapons that would be hard for a slower ship to keep on target, i.e. dual/heavy cannons. Those weapons have two disadvantages that will hurt your style: All energy weapons have a damage drop off with distance, but cannons start to drop off at closer range and drop off faster, meaning they're best when you shove them right down or up a convenient enemy orifice. They also make you point yourself at your opponent, meaning even if you slow down you're going to be closing distance with them.

Cruisers, however, can load up on wide-arc weapons like beam arrays and circle at long range, relying mostly on their engineering bulk to outlast rather than outgun.

That's not to say that's the perfect answer, of course. There's nothing stopping you from loading up an escort with beam arrays and the 180 degree quantum torpedo launcher that comes with the Regent class and making a fast long range circle strafing ship. It'd be higher damage than a cruiser thanks to the extra tactical powers, and might have tactical options a traditional head-on escort wouldn't. I don't think it would hold up, but I've been proven wrong saying something like that before.

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