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Originally Posted by wolverine595959 View Post
With all the DaN00B spam since the feds got this ship. Run 2 Omegas and move everything else down one. I went Omega 3 with HYT2 CRF2 CRF 1 HYt1, TS1, TT1 Omega 1
is better to have a couple of TT1 unless you use at least 2 purple conn officers (TT version, 3 is optimal to maximize the buff to attack pattern skill) in your space roster...

moreover a couple of APO shares a 30 seconds cooldown... IMHO it's better using APB and APO, the shared cooldown is only 15 sec and in the time you use once APO you can use APB and APO and after 15secs APB again... If you choose a similar build, you can have the following tactical abilities:

ensign: TT1
lt: THY1, APB
cmd: THY1, CRF1, APO1, CRF3

That way I have a highter DPS (may be because I didn't put many skill points on projectile skills).