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09-13-2012, 11:08 AM
General Chang's BoP is the B'rel class BoP you can buy in the C-store. It can 'fire while cloaked', but only torpedoes- which is consistent with Chang's BoP.

Otherwise, I'd love to see (or better yet, play a mission or series of missions based around) the Delta Rana Warship as a Husnock vessel- or better yet, as a lockbox ship.

I'd also love to see Positron/Antiproton beams- which are what the ship used. These beams, visually, look like blue antiproton. Same sort of shade, same colouring- just blue. They're awesome and I know we've got a surfeit of blue beams already, but they look wicked cool.

I'd also love to see more canon ship weapons and weapon uses.

EDIT: Maybe some sort of 'phase resonant pulse' console- basically an activation that drains/knocks out shields in an AoE effect. Sort of like an antiproton sweep, but disruptor based.

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