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09-13-2012, 12:45 PM
Welcome fans and new listeners alike to another episode of the Gates of Stovokor!!

Episode 28 Reflections on the Gorn

In this episode we meet up with the regular gang of Hauk, Korrath, Deyvid and Ghargh and learn about a new member to our little blood wine drinking team and overall bar rabble rousers, Sskald a Gorn warrior of great renown.

Join us and enjoy this new episode as Sskald tells us about his races characteristics, what they do in the KDF and generally open our eyes about the Gorn overall.

So scoop yourself some blood wine prepare some fresh Ghagh, and enjoy!

< Now I have to figure out how to hide my new reptile skin boots from Sskald. I think they may be made from one of his cousins, though I hope not. They are just well broken in and I find them very comfortable.>
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