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09-13-2012, 02:30 PM
I don't know what causes it but I do know an easy way fix the issue...

Strip the entire combat system down to a point of fire and it does damage. then you can rebuild the entire system from scratch making sure that you properly test the code at every milestone so say finished bringing weapon power into it as a factor so you test, test and test, then bring in shields and test, test, test, then shield power and test, test, test ... once you have the basic system back up and running you add crits and test some more, when you have this set up without breaking the system you can bring in buffs and test, then debuffs and test and then when everything works you take it for one last lay through to make sure before uploading it

Yes it will take until at least season 7 to upload but it would kill two birds with one stone... you would fix the combat system and find balance issues when it comes to ships and character professions and in order to test it properly they would be forced to fix this as well