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Being a big fan of Tholians in Star Trek I spent more money than was sane to get most of the items up from this lockbox promotion. I like most of the stuff you guys did, needless to say but I did notice something I think is an oversight that I'd like to see corrected:

When I exchange my Tholian Cryo Launcher/Shield/Enviro suit for the upgraded version using lobi points it losed the infinity symbol sign that indicated it was going to level with me. This is VERY annoying since I know with Season 7 you guys are raising the level cap. One of the reasons why I went through the trouble and bought all those keys for Lobi was because I thought these weapons were going to be something I'd be able to use through my captain's entire remaining lifespan, after all the un-upgraded versions were. With the coming expansion of level cap it basically means I wasted 150 Lobi (and got knows what that means in Zen/$$) given that the un-upgraded versions were better. Not to mention needing to do the whole box-grind again if I want another set that will level with me. It really kind of blows chips.

Given that other C-store/Lobi/Promotion weapons level with the user, this one should too, and I'd really appreciate it if this could be corrected.


Oh and if anyone of note is reading this, and it's not too long, I still think this game needs a "special" doff recovery system, and perhaps a usage warning put into place. Somehow I lost Dathan (the Vorta Biochemist from the 2400 quest chain reward) a while back, possibly expended by accident during a mission. He can't be replaced and without him I can't refine ket rocks and such. It's a mild gimp, but kind of annoying. I mentioned it before and the GMs said they couldn't refund him, but it's still a crummy situation and it would be nice if something could be done eventually to rectify this, and prevent similar situations. A mild gripe (especially compared to the above one) but with all the time and money I put into this game so far it's kind of annoying whenever a mission I could have used him for (telekinetic whatever) comes up or I want to stack some ket on my JH BoFF.

Thanks for your time, any way it goes.