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09-13-2012, 04:05 PM
I have to say without a doubt that the TOS Veterans would be the best fit. We are a mature (+30) fleet where real lives come first. Since we all have families and work and board meetings we respect that this part comes first.

The best thing is we are casual and we have no rules and nothing is mandatory. We are a social fleet but there is no problem fitting in because there are so many areas that our members are involved with. We are a medium sized fleet but there are always players online and we always have (optional) fleet nights that you can join in.

Please take a look at our website at or check out our recruiting thread for more information and you will see that we are all Star Trek fans and we have a lot of fun with this game and community. I have met a lot of good people here and I can say that they are very inviting and respectful of our loan wolf time.

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