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Originally Posted by zubo100 View Post
One thing i have just thought of: Would it not be possible to have a skill build that would work with cruisers AND escorts? In that case i could just try out everything and see what is is best. Or is it totally impossible to play an escort with threat control?
It's not impossible (for PVE), you just need to plan your build out so that you are capable of surviving the damage output of whatever you shoot at in the Escort.

Example build with same skillpoint choices:
(i) Tac Ody BOFF Layout
(ii) Fleet Escort BOFF Layout

Space skills should be self-explanatory. Ground skill choices for an Engineer on STFs are quite important - tends to be Demolitions for Mine spike damage (KAGE) and Turrets and Drones for normal gameplay (with proper DOFFs you can drop 3x Turrets, 3x Mortars and 3x Drones simultaneously) and Modification Specialist for Weapons Malfunction on Bosses.

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