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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I'd be interested in hearing more opinions on all of the above. As well as testing scenarios, if you run them, even if only anecdotal (no solid figures, that is).
A lot of them were under powered from the start, either nerfed in relation to power insulators, and the overall science ship setup itself for weapons doesn't help either since its usually the lowest dps of a group when using a science heavy/support ship. One thing besides science skills that I'd like to see though is a change that a former dev once suggested of transphasics being boosted dramatically in damage but given a much higher cool down so turn and shooting those torps so you could focus on more science tasks in a battle/not being decloaked all the time defeating the purpose of having the EBC. If transphasics and even chronitons if you just put a shield penetration on certain chroniton torps and called it temporal penetration based off where they came from (maybe put a delay timer on those chronitons to when they actually go off so you could tactical team to remove the torpedo and disarm it )

Feedback pulse, Tachyon Beam, CPB, and polarize Hull I'd like to see buffed the most though. The tachyon beam and CPB are pretty much useless on the standard resistances npcs have against them and a player doesn't need much more than just a power insulators console equipped to make it useless. The polarize hull is canon like one person said but all its really good for is getting out of tractor beams which most people use omega for anyways. Feedback pulse is just too much of a conditional skill... The first thing is it really has no functionality when you can't hold agro in pve and even then if you spec threat control to maximum it doesn't last long and the cool down is way too long. The easiest counter to it in PvP though is to just stop firing at someone for 10 seconds. I could see though if it could force targeting of a person using it and did more damage without having to make sure you have 125 aux when fireing it. Another thing too is Scramble Sensors just isn't what I believe it should be plus its so short and after its used on someone they get a resistance to it like you can throw another one back on them anytime soon after that LOL. It just does not have any kind of advantage imo. Anyways I hope some decent changes come out of it because I am sure there will be some