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Well Cannons are not the best weapons for a less maneuverable Cruiser. The best weapons are Beam Arrays. They have 270 degress firing arc. You can keep an enemy ship to the side in the overlapping arcs of fore and aft for what's called a broadside. And depending on your building turn in and unload a Torpedo strike when you can a shield facing down.

Cannons are for more maneuverable ships as most have a narrower firing arc of 360/180/45 for Turrets, Single and Dual Cannons. Science ships between cruisers and escorts in manuverability. But have less weapon slots. And the desirable Cannon abilities are usually not usable on them. Cannons are the preferred weapon for Escorts. They have the manuverabilith to keep the high damage Dual (Heavy) Cannons lined up, and can use the higher tier Cannon skills. Usually Escorts will use Dual Heavy Cannons up front and Turrets at the back. Depending on builds you might have a Dual Beam Array for Target Subystems skills, or perhaps Torpedo's front or aft to delivery a High yield Torpedo volley when you down the shield facing.

I think good way explain ships combat styles if a couple of heavy weight boxers. Cruisers are like Rocky Balboa from the Rocky movies. Rocky basically takes massive amounts of punishment while delivering crushing damage himself. Basically he just out lasts his opponents. While Escorts are more like Mohammad Aly in his prime. "Float like a butterfly. And sting like a bee." Except these bees stings are packs with anti-matter warheads. Cannons has faster damage drop off over distance then beam weapons. So Escorts will do best damage by getting in close and unleashing the punishing volleys. And then pulling out fast before the heat gets too much.