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Thanks all, makes a bit more sense. I have alot to learn and my prefered learning style is to ask questions. I have been reading the wiki but I am struggling to find my way around and get the answers.

Currently I have the Miranda class as my first ship and I have dual cannon type things on it plus photon launchers front and rear. I am certain this is not a good set up! I only selected the dual cannons because of the damage.

I will be hitting Lt Cmdr tomorrow I expect hence why I am asking about the ship choice. I know I dont want a science vessel but thats about it. Again, thanks.
It's best not to make your sole rear weapon a torpedo or mine--you want to have at least one beam array or turret in back to keep enemies from chasing your tail, unless you are trying for a total torpedo boat. Photon or Quantum torpedoes deal only 10% damage against shields, and only deal full damage when they strike an unshielded quadrant of an enemy target, so you will need to use energy weapons to take down their shields before firing the torpedoes.