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I'll leave the full lists to more experienced players, but I want to stress the negative impact of long/shared CDs.

One example is Polarize hull, it shares a CD with Hazard emitters. And since most people (at least in PvE) run Hazard, they just can't use Polarize effectively. Other than that, the ability itself is very nice and seems to work well against holds and co. Often, there's just no place for it.

Another example are the deflector abilities: Tachyon beam, Gravity Well, Tyken's Rift and Energy Siphon. These are all useful (well, would be, if resists to them weren't so high, looking at you ES and TB), but have overall very long CDs, plus they start CDs on each other (even 45s long). It means you often can use just one in one fight, while it won't be available in the next.

With all of those shared CDs, it feels like a Tier 5 science ship with 7-8 sci boff slots had only like half, since the other half will only come off CDs in your next enemy encounter. Why use a science ship then? Just use another with 2 sci boff slots and choose 2 abilities that don't share CDs, and you can do the same! (I know, it's very simplified, and with a Sci Lt., you still can't use GW and other shiny abilities, but still.)
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