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I'm coming at this with PvE only in mind, don't play PvP.
Originally Posted by dassemsto View Post
List of sci boff abilities and how they fail:

Sci Team
- needs to cleard debuffs for 10 seconds like TT

I stopped using this a long time ago. I'm no sci captain but do fly sci ships. Along with every other ship I fly TT1 is always in cool down during combat, thus all 'team' abilities are too, with EPtS and TSS, during combat this skill is almost useless as a shield heal (because I can't fire it off or if so can't rebalance shields manually quick enough which is another issue all together) compared to having TT's shield re balance operating.

If people are complaining about TT's shield rebalance, maybe make a separate skill that solely does shield balancing and make TT just damage focus? Only problem is that cruisers really need TT1 to remain as is due to lack of tac/sci slots.

Though Sci Team should be the one to balance shields seeing as it's the power that heals them too, but that would make an easily accessible ability (shield rebalance) harder to equip on non sci ships cause then you'd have to sacrifice HE or TSS. If manual redistribution speed was inproved perhaps this could work?

Transfer Shield Strength
- Is OK
Functionally it's good. Graphically I miss having the line from the caster to the recipient, it was good knowing who's doing the healing.

Hazard Emitters
- Clears too many debuffs. Including E-siphon-
I use this more for the hull heal than the cleanse. Hull heal is good. Not sure about cleansing being OP

Tractor Beam
- Ok as ship ability
Sort of ok but no reason to use higher versions. I really like the idea someone had of being able to tow things around when using this. A tractor beam that can't pull things along seems strange come to think of it. Would add another game play mechanic and be more canon at the same time.

Also, what if hull damage was tied to the ship being tractored throttle speed? eg if at full throttle your hull should take more damage. If 0% throttle then less or no damage?

Tractor Beam Repulsors
- Is OK
Agreed works well

Polarize Hull
- A bit weak, slight movement resistance increase needed
I think this (PH1 anyway) is mostly ok really. But maybe make hold resists scale up with higher PH levels? PH3 has more hull resist but no extra hold resist benefit?

Tachyon Beam
- Useless due to resists in PvP, and insane shield cap in PvE. Needs to be buffed 400%
Agreed. Completely useless. I'm specced into drains and it's easier to use ES3 then TR1 with Beam target shield subsystem to completely turn the shields off than it is to drain them. Then often if a cubes shield facing is down (the one you're firing at), then that's usually all that anyone cares about.

Drain buff needed.

In addition how about a reverse shield balance effect? So the opposite of what TT does, move shield capacities AWAY from facings taking damage? That could be cool skill, just use TT1 to counter or fill up your shields so there's no where left to move the shields away to. Could be interesting

Charged Particle Burst
- Same as Tachyon beam
Tried it, underwhelming. Amount of shields removed needs increasing and maybe being a particle burst (think chaff in modern warfare) make affected enemies accuracies drop a little for a bit.

Photonic Shockwave
- Needs to get range and damage slightly increased

Photonic Officer
- Needs to be made a lot more effective.
Useless. Mainly because the cooldown on it is CRAZY long. Always better off going the doff route and gaining an extra sci power.

Cool down should be like 1 min 30s perhaps at best.

Or, make it a 1 minute cool down, but instead of staying active for 60s, it instantly brings all powers back to a ready state. THAT would be powerful.

Perhaps also provide some sort of buff depending on your captain? So tac get a certain buff, scis another and engineers another again? Or just make it affect captain powers too.

Not worth the slot atm with a 3 or 5 (forgot which) minute cool down when you can slot another power that fires every minute or something.

Gravety Well
- Pulls too weak, damages too little
I think it's mostly ok actually. The pull in PvE is a bit weak but I'm only using GW1 with nothing specced into graviton gens, so maybe that's ok.

I regularly have raptors and bops in CSE escaping my GW1's while on their way to kang. So maybe a little pull increase at the lower end?

Tykens Rift
- Too weak as normal, too strong when the doff proc gives 2 or 3 stacking rifts
A little extra drain at level 1 would be nice, and maybe a weak pull factor too needs to be added, a pull weaker than GW1 but imo a rift in space needs a slight pull factor, would help getting the best out of it drain wise as I think the drain is higher at the centre?

Jam Sensors
- Basically useless. Needs remake.
Haven't really used this so just brain storming.

Add a highish weapons accuracy debuff and/or maybe make it so the affected players weapons just go into fire at will/scatter volley/torp spread mode, so they can't actually control who they're firing at.

Should be like your targeting sensors are jammed, can't get a lock on anything so if you do fire you don't know who or what you'd be shooting at (even if it's your own team mates you end up shooting).

Scramble Sensors
- Too expensive to make it work well. Needs a little buff.
Agreed. Maybe also make this an AoE accuracy debuff too?

Also PvE content needs fixing. Against borg in stfs my apparent 10 second skill lasts all of 1 or 2 seconds making it mostly useless. I under stand borg would be more resistant but resisting 80% of it!?? Ok yes canon wise but it's not great game play wise.

Also in No win scenario it apparently does nothing? Not cool, it's a viable option and should be allowed.

In fleet events I'm also unsure of it's performance. Usually too busy to keep track of how it performs. I see no reason why it's shouldn't work as intended though.

Energy Siphon
- Needs a little buff
I think it's ok actually (well ES3 anyway maybe ES1 and too need a little increase), not sure how it goes vs enemies with insulators though.

- Too weak without tac captain buffs, too strong with them.
I tend to agree. I like the idea of it but often switch it for something with better effect.
It has a long cool down and doesn't last long enough imo. Even chaining two of them together I feel like I'm wasting two sci spots cause they're in cool down for long periods

Perhaps for it's duration it should also raise your threat level too? To help it to be used to full effect.

ALSO, deflector doffs don't buff it's cool down in any way, they buff other things that use the deflector like GW and TR but not FBP. It should be included there. Or a boff that buffs FBP damage along with some other sci abilites so you could use them for a an offensive sci build

Shared cooldowns that make it a lot worse:
- GW and Tykens It's ok I think, TR just needs a little gravity effect itself imo
- Tykens and ES, You need the combined drain to acomplish anything. I think these two are fine. In PvE at least though I do only use ES3, so maybe lvls 1 and 2 need looking at. But having Tach beam in shared cool down with these two I don't like.
- TSS and FBP, when FBP can be used to your advantage, that's when you really need TSS.I hear you but I think it's ok. They use the same "deflector field" system so they need to share cool downs, besides you have EPtS and ST plus batteries to draw on before needing TSS.

Feel free to disagree or add comments or suggest changes.

Viral Matrix - There's no other powers I can chain this with really to keep sub sytems disabled. Drains, crowd control, heals all have multiple powers that can be used that deliver varying degrees of the same thing, disables though, apart from viral matrix there's nothing it can be chained with.

Charged burst and shockwave disable/stun but for very short times. so we have a long and short disable skill but no medium disable skill. A new sci power needs adding, or an existing sci power needs to be made a medium disable skill too so disable builds can build something using decompiler skills
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