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Originally Posted by zubo100 View Post
Ah yes i have not really thought about ground skills. Thanks for the advice there.

Now this skillset looks nice. A lot of people use 3 points in power insulators and inertial dampeners, but i guess this is more important for PvP? Anyway i found out i still have 5 respecs left so i will try this out with an escort as soon as i have redone enough old episodes to have some basic equipment. The Ody will have to wait until next month, with the stipend then i will have 5000points and can get me the whole package.

One more thing about the ground skills: This means i have to take 3 kits with me to switch around, correct? Are there any weapons that are particularly useful in ground stfs? My last try on one of those was before they got split up into ground only and space only and back then aoe-knockback or split beam weapons worked well...maybe the breen freezegun is useful? And what kind of shields? Currently i use the jem-hadar set for the extra healing, although i have the feeling the weapon is not the most powerful one...

You also said to use ground doffs to boost the beamed down equipment. What kind of doffs are generally needed to make this work?

And thank you once again for all the useful advice here.
Stick with the hilbert pve skill set and escort and you have a pretty universal build right there. Don't really agree with maelwy, but will leave it at that.

Yest three kits for STFs,
weapons: you need: Split beam rifle (infected) sniper (all), high density rifle (infected boss room) shot gun (all) not sure what its called
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