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Originally Posted by dassemsto View Post
Sci Team
- needs to cleard debuffs for 10 seconds like TT

I LIKE this idea... if you want balance, then having a SIMPLE solution is usually better than a complicated one. All team skills should eliminate one kind of debuff (Sci/Eng/Tac), heal one system (Shields/Hull/-small weap buff-) and give an immunity for 10 sec. What the hell is so hard about that? LOL

Transfer Shield Strength
- Is OK

Used to use this skill a lot, but honestly Emergency Power to Shields has always been my heal/buff of choice. So I suppose it's good as is. Not too strong/weak, just as it should be.

Hazard Emitters
- Clears too many debuffs. Including E-siphon-

I think Haz Em should clear all PHYSICAL debuffs. Plasma fires, radiation, freezing cold... things of this nature. How a halon system can counter a system wide drain of power, is beyond my level of understanding. LOL Oh, and the sheer idea of calling this skill USELESS without the debuff cleansing, is rediculous. The sheer hull healing power is the BEST that Sci has to offer, hands down. This skill comes standard on EVERY ONE of my builds.

Tractor Beam
- Ok as ship ability

I sort of wish that this was a standard skill on all ships to some degree, like escorts would come with TB1, Cruisers would get TB2, and Sci would get TB3. The cooldowns would be like 3 min or so. That way it would be more like canon, and we could do away with all the nonsense pertaining to this skill in the first place. Since the cooldown would be so long, the potential for 'abuse' would be zero. However I think I read someone saying using a tractor beam to 'pull allies', out of rifts and whatnot. While GREAT in theory and in canon, this would be a grief machine of cataclysmic porportions... but pulling enemies could be damned fun, and practical!!!

Tractor Beam Repulsors
- Is OK

I once underestimated the usefulness of this power, but still can't make it practical without a fleet of like-minded, and crafty friends. I once played a match against 5 guys with all sci ships with tricobalt mines/torps and this damned skill. Every one of my team mates were being shoved around the map, scattered, stunned, rocked, and rolled until I swear I had no idea what was going on. One of my teammates ended up glitching inside the cracked planetoid and couldn't get out for the rest of the match. Yeah, this still is fine where it is.

Polarize Hull
- A bit weak, slight movement resistance increase needed

Another skill I equip standard, if I have a third sci slot handy. Just the resistance buff by itself is oh so delicious... would I like to see it buffed? Uh, yeah, duh... SHOULD it be buffed? I would be lying if I said there wasn't a conflict of interest here, since I already use the skill regardless. LOL

Tachyon Beam
- Useless due to resists in PvP, and insane shield cap in PvE. Needs to be buffed 400%

I have ONLY ever used this skill in my miranda, because I litterally had NO choice at the beginning of the game. I loathe this skill, and it's complete and utter failure to provide me with any use whatsoever. I have actually made a build based on TB3, with all the pertinent consoles and aux at 100, AND all tetryon beams... and still couldn't make this as usefull as any of the other sci skills with the same investment. DEFINATE buff needed.

Charged Particle Burst
- Same as Tachyon beam

Now I have to disagree with this one a bit. While it could absolutely use a buff (No doubt about that) this is actually a nice skill for just raw damage. It has a 5km range, AoE, Hits ALL shield facings at once, Potential to hit multiple foes at once, Respectable cooldown, No resistance against it... other than the fact it needs to do MORE shield damage, this skill ROCKS the way it is! Although another way to look at it, is to just do a hard percentage of shields instead of an actual number. Something like:
CPB lvl 1= 20% shields removed
CPB lvl 2= 40% shields removed
CPB lvl 3= 60% shields removed
This would be a 'soft cap' of course and could be ever so slightly improved with consoles/skill points/deflectors...

Photonic Shockwave
- Needs to get range and damage slightly increased

I absolutely LOVE PS... it's just one of those skills that puts a grin on my face everytime I use it. You punch a button, and BLAM... small ships obliterated, torps/mines/boarding parties all cleared... knock escorts around like ragdolls. Although I definately preferred the knockback better in the OLD PS, as the new one seems to have lost a lot of it's visual punch, the damage definately needs to be addressed. I wouldn't even mind an extended cooldown as long as it had more BANG to it. I want to make ships lurch and heave when I fire this thing off... not shrug and continue on their way!

Photonic Officer
- Needs to be made a lot more effective.

While I DO love cooldown reducing skills... I have never used PhOff. Not even once. I can't justify taking up a skill slot with a skill thats not really a skill... but a skill 'enhancer'. My skill slots are damned valuable, and honestly if I can find room for another copy of Haz Emitters or something more tangible, I usually will.

Gravity Well
- Pulls too weak, damages too little

Next to PS, this is just about one of my favorite skills in the entire game. You rip a freakin hole in SPACE/TIME and it pulls ships into it's center and CRUSHES the hull like an egg. Just visually striking, and honestly just about as hilarious as it gets when combines with chronitons, and tricobalts, tractor beams... ect ect. Nothing quite like seeing an enemies shields nearly at full, but their hull is half gone due to the 3 wells eating away at them. LOL While I would desperately LOVE a buff to the dmg/pull of this skill, those of us who use this skill almost exclusively as sci captains... probably shouldn't be given any MORE reason to whip this thing out. Honestly if it DID get a buff, it should have a longer cooldown. Every 30 seconds seems... silly... to rip a hole in space time, ya know? Maybe every 60, or even min and a half... that seems like a more comfortable timeframe for such a catastrophic anomaly to be unleashed upon our universe yeah?

Tykens Rift
- Too weak as normal, too strong when the doff proc gives 2 or 3 stacking rifts

Never ever liked, or appreciated energy drains. Energy comes back so fast, batteries/emergency power skills/consoles seem to counter them so easily, and cruisers feel nothing more than a slight tug. Honestly instead of a full system drain, how about it picks ONE system at random and RAPIDLY drains it. Not instantly, but pretty quickly. Also each level of rift could have a 'soft cap' on it. For example:
TyR lvl 1= Drains down one subsystem to 50% of it's current setting.
TyR lvl 2= Drains down one subsystem to 30% of it's current setting.
TyR lvl 3= Drains down one subsystem to 10% of it's current setting.
So if you use a TyR lvl 2 on an enemy, and it targets their shields, and his current shield power lvl is 60, then it would drain it down to 30% of 60... which equals 20. This would be a 'soft cap' of course and could be ever so slightly improved with consoles/skill points/deflectors...

Jam Sensors
- Basically useless. Needs remake.

Used this skill at first, but found it to be too 'touchy' when it came to what it considered 'damage'. I don't like that even a single accidental beam/torp can cancel out this skill and render it useless. It shoud be a fire and forget skill, for at least a few seconds. If I might be so bold as to suggest that it automatically treats the jammed ship as your ally, so no autofire or accidental shots happen while the skill is active? So the affected ship can do nothing but attack someone else, or just sit helplessly and heal while you effectively become invisible to him for the duration of the skill. Lengthen the duration a bit and then it would be pretty usefull... as an amendment, perhaps a better solution, is that you can't directly target the affected ship with direct damage attacks like beams/torps ect... but AoE can still affect him... rifts/mines/splash damage/ship explosions ect.

Scramble Sensors
- Too expensive to make it work well. Needs a little buff.

Love using this skill, HATE playing against it. I personally enjoy the confusion and crafty carnage that results... but man it can get messy fast. I think other than tweaking how it behaves (making it easier to cleanse the debuff without healing your enemy) this skill is fine as is.

Energy Siphon
- Needs a little buff

Please refer to Tykens Rift... only this might be a bit more powerful since it's not AoE. Perhaps the drain is more intensified, or it could also be SLOWER, but also cancel all standart EPS power regen for the duration. So instead of your weapons constantly firing and repowering after each cycle, they stay below the energy syphon threshold. Tykens could be an AoE, rapid, single system drain... Energy Syphon could be a single target, persistant, slow all system drain.

- Too weak without tac captain buffs, too strong with them.

I think FBP SHOULD be rediculously powerful... it ONLY works when being directly attacked, it has a short duration, long cooldown, and is SUPER easy to identify when your attacking a ship that has it engaged... to make it easier to stop killing yourself. LOL So yeah, based on all those perameters, I think FBP SHOULD have the ability to CREAM anyone careless enough to keep firing at you, even though it's obvious why you shouldn't. LOL

Shared cooldowns that make it a lot worse:
- GW and Tykens

I can't agree with this, I usually take both when I make a 'spacial anomaly' sci captain anyway. You can stagger them, and honestly when one is done firing, the other is usually cooled down. I can normally have one anomaly after another continually open within a few seconds of each other.

- Tykens and ES, You need the combined drain to acomplish anything.

I totally agree with this. As is, energy drains don't do much. If you refer to my ideas above though, it can be far more useful.

- TSS and FBP, when FBP can be used to your advantage, that's when you really need TSS.

If FBP gets a buff, then this would be pointless, as anyone careless enough, or desperate enough to try to pound through your FBP to kill you... would probably kill himself first anyway. LOL

Feel free to disagree or add comments or suggest changes.
I would seriously like to see more than just nerfs and visual changes to Sci skills. Lord knows they need a little boost. Honestly I think that Sci skills should focus more on DEBUFFS and shield BUFFS than stuns and disables. That way you dont have to worry about those pesky chains that cripple PvP so damned much.

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