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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
all team skills should clear for 10 seconds!? what the hell people, whats wrong with you. try 1 second, as in it clears what you are afflicted with at the time of its activation, without some immunity period for an entire 5-10 seconds.

ET and ST should get a 10 second long buff to something though, hull repair for ET and shield emitters for ST, to improve the healing of other like healing skills for a wile. its like how TT buffs weapons training for 10 seconds. and these buffs should be high, like +24, +32,+40 to skill points in these skills.
Gotta agree here. All "Team" skills should provide a short duration buff, as well as a secondary "clear debuff" or similar ability. Different team abilities could theoretically clear different debuffs. Engineering Team for debuffs that slow your ship, and/or disable engines. Science Team for debuffs that drain your shields, and/or disables them. Tactical Team that clears a hostile Boarding Party, as well as restoring disabled weapons.

Tactical Team: Weapons buff (recharge rate increase?!?) , resistance to Weapons Disable
Engineering Team: Defense buff (speed/turnrate increase), resistance to Engines Disable
Science Team: Shield buff (shield regen/small shield heal), resistance to Shields Disable

Tactical Team "shield re-allocation" could either by moved to Science Team (Since Science generally involves most "Shield" abilities), or moved to a new ability entirely (Science).

Lastly, I think the "Team" skills should have their shared cooldown REMOVED. Possibly reduce the buff durations even further.

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