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Tyken's rift.

I've been running for a long time with a TR II and TR III, with maxed out flow capacitors, particle generators, and a particle generator console. I've tested it against a friend flying a cruiser and his power levels never dropped more than -10 or -20, even if I was holding him with multiple tractor beams in the AOE of the tyken's rift. There are too many possible counters to that: power insulators, emergency power to X, batteries, EPS power transfer, nadion inversion, and i'm probably forgetting some other ones.

The problem with power drains is that you built it so that the low-average player could even resist it without being skilled properly. This isn't a good design perspective.

Tachyon beam.

No effects except on frigates in PvE. And when I say no effect I mean a beam/cannon volley deals more damages than the tachyon beam. In PvP, the firing angle is too small and the effects are insignificant, even with maxed out flow cap.

My suggestion to fix it: 360 deg (these are science ships, not escorts) fire angle and 15 seconds duration without improving the effect itself. It would be a constant but small drain on shield regeneration, which is the true meaning of a debuff ability. One will have to use EPTS, TSS or batteries to regen its shields, which would balance the thing enough.

Charged Partcicle burst.

The worst of all shield rippers! The AOE is too small for such a low effect. There are many possible ways to fix this:
- Improve the AOE or
- Give it a boost and remove the useless side effect on cloaked ships or
- Reduce the CD and no shared CD with any other ability

Tractor beam.

It's ok... If you're trying to catch a cruiser. There are too many resists and escape possibilities for an escort with this ability to make it significant.

I used to run two tractor beams with runabouts on my Atrox. I've never been able to hold some targets for more than 1 seconds: evasive maneuvers, attack pattern omega 1 & 3, dilithium burst, polarize hull... Any of these abilities can break a tractor beam without effort and it's possible to outnumber the number of tractor beams any sci can slot with that. Furthermore none of these resist ability has a cost for its owner, since it gives a dmg resist or dmg buff. If you use any of these abilities (evasive excluded) you kill two birds with one stone.

Ways to fix the tractor beams:
- Make tractor beams 2 and 3 significantly stronger You'll need an attack pattern omega 3 or a polarize hull III to escape a TB 3, nothing less. AND (these fixes goes together)
- You receive a significant damage to hull if you escape from a tractor beam, because you're tearing your hull apart. Ok you escaped but not without damage, to compensate the damage resists the hold resists give you.

This way, whatever your opponent does, the TB isn't a pointless skill you can counter for "free" with damage resists as a bonus.

Tractor beam repulsor.

Works fine, no complaints. A graviton console is required to make it significant.

Feedback pulse.

Could be more interesting. I'm using one currently on my recluse because it's one of the 'not that great but could be usefull sci ability'. I'm running my ship with two MK XII purple particle generator consoles and it's still meh for the FPB II.

The CD is a bit too long for such a low damage output. Why not adding another ability to it such as some damage resist debuff on the targets?

Jam sensors.

Oh wait, there are many other targets.

Photonic shockwave.

Typically an empty sci BO slot filler as it is.

The AOE is too small and the disable effect way too short to make it sci/significant.

Jam sensors.

Too expensive in skill points to make its limited effects worth it. Can be annoying as it is but who is stupid enough to fire at his team mates when his sensors are scrambled?

Didn't try the other skills so I can't tell more about them.

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