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09-14-2012, 03:24 AM
My 2 cents:

Charged Particle Burst and Tachyon Beam need to become more effective - at the same time, they should not "stack to well" with itself. I don't think it's good if 2 or 3 SVs using these will drain the enemy team of all their shields - but a single CPB or TB should be a force to be reckoned with. So apply resistances as "aftereffect", simplar to how PSW works (but only as resistance, not immunity).

Photonic Officer:
Yeah, this one needed a buff for a long time. Care will need to be taken in how it works together with other cooldown reducing powers. Maybe simply make it so that reductions never stack.
Make the reduction only dependent on your skill rating (something between 15 to 35 % perhaps), and the rank of the power affect the duration. Each PO has global cooldown 20 second, recharge 60 second. PO I lasts 20 seconds, PO II lasts 30 seconds, PO III lasts 40 seconds. You could chain 3 PO Is for 100 % uptime, 2 PO IIs for 100 % uptime, and one PO I and one PO III for 100 % uptime this way. Yes, that's 100 % cooldown reduction at all times. That's why the magnitude of the recharge buff is relatively low compared to now.

Feeback Pulse: Assuming we don't let it stack with tac buffs anymore: What if we simply allowed using it on other ships - an ally is hammered by enemies? Pop a FBP on it so they can decide whethe they really want him dead, weakening themselves, or switch target? FBP should not be too powerful, we don't want this to be ending in sudden explosion of 5 enemy vessels. The power level without Tac buffs may be just right for that.

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