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Forgot to add:

There're a lot more tactics for Ground play, but much of it comes down to being aware of your surroundings and learning to always use both Aim and Crouch (to increase damage output and reduce damage taken) and rolling or sprinting everywhere to avoid some damage whilst moving.

One Engineer-specific thing is Combat Supply. This sometimes still gets a bad reputation due to its previous annoyingly-unpredictable behaviour from many patches ago, but currently it's quite useful. Using the power drops a container, which hangs around for a long time. You and your teammates can then gather items from this container. It's basically "Infinite Items": as long as you keep three free Device slots, you can gather 3 sets of five free large Health/Shield/Energy buffs whenever you want, and they'll appear as normal items in your power trays. The three stacks are gathered seperately, but you can't re-gather them until you use up the complete stack... so if you use a few health hypos and want to top up again before a big encounter, just drop the remaining hypos and re-gather at the container for a fresh set. The "free items" disappear after a while - but it's a VERY LONG time, chances are that your tribble buffs will expire before the items do.

Speaking of Tribbles, the "Gambling Device" (whilst not strictly a tribble, it works the same way) is generally considered the best option here, as it buffs your damage output considerably.

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