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09-14-2012, 04:42 AM
Sci Team
- needs to cleard debuffs for 10 seconds like TT

i see SCI team only as a shield heal, no idea what debuffs it might clear,
except for SNB (it's a must have vs. Breen NPC Ships, but thats about it).
TAC team is a must have, ENG team is OK to have hull heal, SCI team is only a shield heal...
personally i rather hull tank than shield tank, Shields don't help much vs. Borg in STFs so hull tanking is where it's at.
having a TAC + ENG team puts the SCI team on constant global cooldown, so i usually don't use it... EVER.

Transfer Shield Strength
- Is OK

love it... do not touch.

Hazard Emitters
- Clears too many debuffs. Including E-siphon-

must have for every ship for the healing alone.
oh and, i absolutely HATE HATE HATE those plasma fire visuals if your ship is hit with that DoT proc, so alone to remove that super annoying visual it's a must have (and guess what Borg shoot at you, bingo Plasma!)

do not touch!

Tractor Beam
- Ok as ship ability

imho Tractor Beams should be like Air Conditioning in your car, it's default equipment everybody should have one, i don't see how this qualifies as a Science ability.
Anyway, with the 4 piece Borg Set Bonus i don't see a use in ever using the default tractor beam.
oh and players can easily counter it with Attack Pattern Omega or Hazard Emitters, both are must have skills so i GUESS it's rather worthless in PvP.

Tractor Beam Repulsors
- Is OK

love this one, pushing the NPCs away from the freighters in that Fleet Mark mission...
the only "Crowd Control" ability that does it's job in a way that i notice what it's doing.
i do not see a reason to have more than the lvl1 variant though.
it's OK for PvP but not awesome.

Polarize Hull
- A bit weak, slight movement resistance increase needed

hate the new FX visual, why make my Ship glow orange?
not as bad as the old *smoke* visual but not TREK looking either.
this one is good for Cruisers that hull tank, or to break tractor beam, but i don't see much use for a Sci Ship.

Tachyon Beam
- Useless due to resists in PvP, and insane shield cap in PvE. Needs to be buffed 400%

agreed absolutely useless,
bought the Orion Tier 3+4 Ships with those Tachyon Drones, and they stripped every NPC clear of their shields in a few seconds, that was awesome, now they don't even remove a pixel on the screen, the player version is just as weak, not to mention it has a firing arc that only works in front of you, if it were 360? and a lot stronger (well strong enough to NOTICE on the screen...) then it might not suck.

Charged Particle Burst
- Same as Tachyon beam

was super annoying in PvP before it was nerfed, i hate complete disables that you can't counter, imho DELETE it and replace with a new ability, even the visual FX is ugly.

Photonic Shockwave
- Needs to get range and damage slightly increased

don't even know what this one does...
got hit by it a million times but i dont think it does anything but a tiny obsolete knock back
maybe good vs. fighter spam? i dont know...

Photonic Officer
- Needs to be made a lot more effective.

obsolete ability, because the CREW on your ship is obsolete to begin with.
a few torps and your complete crew is dead, and even with crew at full the passive hull regeneration is so small that it doesn't matter in battle anyway.

Gravety Well
- Pulls too weak, damages too little

i hate those *magic* abilities... these are used on such a regular basis you would think they used it in Star Trek as often as their Phasers, yet it was, if at all maybe in one Episode ever.
ability wise, i have no idea if it's good or bad because it doesn't give me any information or feedback what it does to the enemy ship...

Tykens Rift
- Too weak as normal, too strong when the doff proc gives 2 or 3 stacking rifts

same as Gravity Well for me...

Jam Sensors
- Basically useless. Needs remake.

it isn't horrible, but it isn't awesome either, it does what it says it does, it does what you would expect it to do...
but it should maybe Jam Sensors of more than just one Ship (how rare is a true 1 on 1 in STO?), OR Jam Sensors of one ship but make it unable to target ANY enemy player ship for a few seconds... if he can just swap targets his DPS will still hit my team, so what good does that do me in the long run?

Scramble Sensors
- Too expensive to make it work well. Needs a little buff.

slightly annoying if you get hit by it in PvP, does not make me shoot my team members, only if Beam Fire at Will is active...

Energy Siphon
- Needs a little buff

no... it needs a HUGE buff

- Too weak without tac captain buffs, too strong with them.

i assume this is the one where your ship glows blue and shoots these ugly blue blops back at the attacker when hit?
i LIKE the idea of it, i don't feel that it is effective.
in a PvE Team (STF or Fleetmark mission) i can't get the enemy to aggro on my Ship because of my low DPS, even with Threat Control at 6 they ignored me :-(

in PvP, people just stop shooting at you, if they even care.

imho this ability needs to have a SHORTER duration, but hit that much harder to make it work in PvP.
like the first 3 or 4 fire volleys that hit you get multiplied by 5 and shot back at the attacker.
for PvE the Threat Control skill needs to work a lot better, i want to BFAW, tag every npc in range and tell them hey shoot ME! and then hit FBP to throw it right back at them.