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09-14-2012, 04:49 AM
Originally Posted by majesticmsfc View Post
Levi, I was reading it when it was deleted, I didn't even get to the last page unfortunately. No notification or anything, but I guess the Moderators are just doing their job and don't have to tell us when they delete a thread.

I do think it was getting out of hand, people calling other people names like stupid and such doesn't do anyone any favours. Name calling, well no good comes out of it and actually weakens the persons argument, it's just a despite attempt often to save face.

Ultimately at the end of the day I think the Moderators did the right thing, it started off as a debate, whether I agree with it or not is immaterial, the fact that it went into the direction it did, showed us all that while entertaining at times had lived out it's usefulness and was going to cause more trouble keeping it there. It was after all turning if not already turned into a flame war.
Thanks for letting me know. I do want something positve long-term to happen to the KDF, I just think that with Cryptic's history of doing nothing that something more radical or out side the box will have to be the "thing"

I will freely admit that I don't know exactly what the best thing is - but by even putting out a bad idea we do sometimes get good discussion and all learn something. Its too bad it turns into a flame war - people can have different ideas of what needs to be done and you don't have to agree, but you can be civil.