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09-14-2012, 05:10 AM
While we're at it more food for thought:

Sci Ship consoles

Ablative Armor
you wanted to nerf this, but ended up buffing it, not sure about intentions but seems ok to me atm. If anything nerf it a bit

Tachyon Detection Grid
biggest lol ever. Makes people lag and dc in spam heavy environments which is great, but doesn't seem to be its designers intentions

totally useless against NPC cloaking, totally useless buff to self and team, has useless written all over it.
Remake, this one, buff the cloak detection by 500% and make it apply to NPC as well.
Make it boost more then just sensors, and make it usefull for something....anything realy [acc] comes to mind

Tholian Web
I actually like this one, it does zone denial well without being griefy, the dmg is meh but can hit nice crits. maybe some careful tinkering, by increasin the hit points of the web nodes a bit, or by increasing their stealth.

Dk'yr shuttle
haven't used it in a while, seems fine to me, could deserve the carrier controls though.

I suggest a seperate thread about DOff powers and combos to look out for, once you guys let us know what direction you are considering, this is important, so if you think the feedback from this thread is helpful, consider letting us on in the design discussion early on again.

PS.: Disagree witch zerobang assessment on pretty much every step
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