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09-14-2012, 06:09 AM
Tractor Beam
- Ok as ship ability
It needs a Vessel Mass factor so when a Defiant TBs my BortasQu' I can drag them with me.

Polarize Hull
- A bit weak, slight movement resistance increase needed
Its Movement protection needs to be a constant for its duration so multiple TBs do not stack upon it.

Photonic Officer
- Needs to be made a lot more effective.
A lot more since I can use DOffs and get the same effect only better.

Jam Sensors
- Basically useless. Needs remake.
I disagree. When used properly this ability is great for what its suppossed to do.

Scramble Sensors
- Too expensive to make it work well. Needs a little buff.
I disagree. Was hit with this and found it adequate against 5- Sensors and very good against no Sensors.

Energy Siphon
- Needs a little buff
I disagree. Was hit with this last night and found it drained very well against my unprotected vessel. The problem may be that many now skill against drain attacks.
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