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Originally Posted by jamesdax View Post
My question then is how best to setup my skills to make him efficient on all three ships.
You'll not be great on all three ships at once, because of limitations in skillpoint setups.

It's possible to setup for both an Escort and a Cruiser (except for Tanking: you want Threat Control on a Cruiser, but it's usually counterproductive on an Escort) but Science ships are another story. At a minimum, you'll likely want "Particle Generators" on a Sci to increase Damage from the likes of Gravity Well and PSW - this will be wasted on a Cruiser or Escort.

A build like this one is probably as close as you're going to get to a workable setup for all three ships - but bear in mind that without "Threat Control" you won't be tanking on the Cruiser, so expect a few annoyed teammates at endgame.

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