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Submitted for your reviewing consideration.

Mission Name: Star Trek: Odyssey - Season 1, Episode 5 - "War Plans"
Author: Captainazzarano
Minimum Level: Any (Personal Recommendation 20+)
Allegiance: Federation
Estimated Mission Length: 45 Minutes
Method of Report Delivery: Forum Post

A secret document, created by Starfleet Security, outlining the defensive strategies of Federation colonies along the Neutral Zone and the weapons capabilities of Federation ships, has been stolen from the computer system at Deep Space K7, in the Sherman System. You are to proceed to K7 and retrieve any clues as to the identity and whereabouts of the culprit, find him, and destroy the secret plans before he has the opportunity to deliver them to the Klingon Empire.

Contains: Mystery & Intrigue/Space Combat/Ground Combat/Puzzles/Single-Player

Mission Start: Deep Space K7 (Eta Eridani Sector)