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09-14-2012, 08:50 AM
One thing i see that need's Adde Fix are these Below.permanently please.

[Medical Supplies]
[Shield Generators]
[Communication Arrays]
[Industrial Energy Cells]
[Astrometric Probes]
[Water Purification Systems]
[Weather Control Systems]
[Industrial Replicators]
[Warp Coils]
[Self Sealing Stem Bolts]
[Entertainment Provisions]
[Seismic Stabilizers]
[Terraforming Systems]

Can the above items Buy UI Be increased to 250 please it does make it a hassle to collect 50 at a time.

And all so Can the list below be lowered in price please 1,200 to 1,800 ec add's up quickly.
[Industrial Replicators] 1,200 ec
[Warp Coils] 1,200ec
[Self Sealing Stem Bolts] 1,200ec
[Entertainment Provisions] 1,200ec
[Seismic Stabilizers] 1,500ec
[Terraforming Systems] 1,800ec

Not many things use these items mostly star base and for us that have a small fleets it does get hard to collect 2,000 of each item Especially when you run out of EC.The small list above is still a little to high of a price as is any way.When you start collecting 50 plus it adds up.1,200x50=60,000 per 50 so 1,500ecx50=75,000 per 50 and 1,800x50=90,000 per 50 if you think about it that is a lot.