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09-14-2012, 09:46 AM
Now that we have a Fleet Galaxy coming, what will be done with the current Galaxy Retrofit that we bought from C-store? Will it just sit and rot while other cruisers get better, and we have to wait for a long time till our fleets gets a tier 4 starbase? Not everybody have large fleets who can work on all projects simultaneously so the starbase can upgrade through tiers quickly. With squishy shields and laughable weapon power, the ship is barely worthy for PVE, let alone PVP. NPC's have constantly gotten upgraded and updated while the Galaxy ships been collecting dust because the Devs fail to fix the flaws they purposely put on them. Just like the Nebula is a weak excuse for a science ship, the Galaxy-R has become a weak excuse for a cruiser, and a big waste of money because the Devs hate TNG, so cripple those ships to make them laughing stalks of STO.

While the Fleet versions get more power and hit points, should you do something to fix the weapon power on the current Galaxy-R? It barely can scratch the surface with beam weapons on NPC hulls. There is no way possible its going to do damage to players in PVP who can now shield tank the little hull ships like escorts. It has a hard time killing the stupid pets that escort carriers put out. My Galaxy-R can't even compare to my Galaxy Dreadnought. My Dreadnought can sit there and take hits from an NPC frigate and the shield would barely budge. My Galaxy-R taking hits with the same type of NPC frigate and facing shield would go down to half or 30%. My shield power on boths ships are only a difference of 2 points, but gives drastic negative results for the Galaxy -R. To the least the the current Galaxy-R's need to be patched so they are on the same level as all the other regular cruisers who have fleet versions coming out.