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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I'd be interested in hearing more opinions on all of the above. As well as testing scenarios, if you run them, even if only anecdotal (no solid figures, that is).
Per your request:

Science Team
Agree with the OP, the debuff clear needs to last 10 seconds. Though, this is a great ability now that they Development DOFFs are in. Gives us a 15 sec shield heal to match Auxiliary to Structural.

Transfer Shield Strength
Agree it's okay. Would be nice if it healed a little more considering the 45sec cooldown but that's just me being greedy.

Hazard Emitters
I'm torn on this one. On one hand, it does clear far to many things making it to awesome. On the other, the 45sec cooldown is to long the clear effect to short for plasma fires. When fighting Borg, you'll get plasma fired so frequently some times. In the 30secs of vulnerability, a light hulled escort can get burned to the ground while waiting for the timer.

Tractor Beam
I to think this should be an innate ship ability. Allow every ship to use it.
But since that's not likely to happen I think the most important thing is to make it so that it locks your target into a relative position to you. As it is now, it's kind of useless. You stop a guy from moving, but you keep moving. It should be where your target it 3km ahead of you, you hit tractor beam, he remains 3km ahead of you no matter if you turn, speed up, slow down. Then it could be useful for readying a torpedo volley against a weak shield facing.

Tractor Beam Repulsors
These work great.

Polarize Hull
I think this works fine. It's a nice resist boost and breaks tractor beams. Hate that its on the same system as hazard emitters though. You need both against the Borg, but if you have both neither is ever available when you need them.

Tachyon Beam
This one is indeed useless right now. It just doesn't drain enough shields for the amount of effort required. Maybe instead of draining shields, it disrupts them. So you fire it, and for those 10 seconds, the shield facing it hits is gone. Once it ends, the shield returns to what it was before.

Or maybe make it instead do hull damage and penetrate shields.

Charged Particle Burst
Also doesn't do enough shield damage. It's nice that it's AoE so it shouldn't be to overpowered, but its useless unless you're running level 3 with full aux and skill training. And then only barely.

Photonic Shockwave
Agree with the OP, better range and more reliable stun but other than that it's not bad.

Photonic Officer
I'm torn on this one. Like the OP, I almost never use it because it seems to lack effectiveness. Wasting a BO skill just to be able to make other ones cycle faster some of the time. But it can be exploited some with the technicians, aux to battery and the doffs, though that requires a lot committment and makes auxiliary powers useless, which rules out a lot of science abilities. And its the science abilities, ironically, that benefit from this the most, since they typically have the longest timer.

Gravity Well
I think this one is great. The only thing I think needs to be changed is move level 1 down to a Lieutenant spot, level 2 to Lt. Cmdr. I always thought having level 2 and 3 as commander was just dumb. Whose going to use level 2? It would also allow cruisers and escorts who only have LT slots be able to try it out.

Tykens Rift
This one works fine.

Jam Sensors
THis needs to be an AOE. When you're getting pounded and need to get people to stop shooting you, you're usually getting shot at by a lot of things. And, since your target is the one whose jammed and also the one you're shooting, it breaks to easily.

Scramble Sensors
This use to be awesome, now it's useless without putting points into really expensive skills. Needs some tweaking.

Energy Siphon
Its okay, but doesn't feel like it drains enough.

Feedback Pulse
Generally feels to not be worth it. Could use a slight boost.

Mask Energy Signature
Never used it.

Viral Matrix
Haven't used it since it was nerfed back in the early days so can't really say. Feels like its no good, but nothing uses it anymore so don't know.

Now, that's my thoughts on Science abilities as they are. At one point there was talk about adding more BOFF abilities but that never happened. Engineering and Tactical could really use some more Ensign level abilities. Tac at least got the beam target ones added. Engineering needs love there, and really, in general. I like my cruisers, but have a hard time finding things to equip in all the enginering boff slots that aren't repeats.

I'll save my ideas for new BOFF abilities for a separate post so as not to get off topic.
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