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Originally Posted by bloctoad View Post
Dance, monkey, dance.
Were you the one that got my thread shut down by calling me names like :"monkey"

Besides that I don't like the KDF fleet ships and the KDF fleet I am is is just 20 casual players so w are only half way to T2 - it's getting crazy now with my CXP turn into FM at the KDF base - I have over 7000 FM across 3 of my KDF toons and not much place to put them - plus I don't feel like staring a solo KDF fleet just to dump extra marks so I guess i will just have to hold onto them until we gt to some of the later projects. By then I might have 20,000 marks stored up from all my KDF doffing.

Edit: just as I posted this I though to myself "wait wait - beep, beep - back up the bus - some of you must be saying - you are in a KDF fleet??"

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