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Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
You get a discount on the fleet galaxy for purchasing the you can use the saucer sep console...which people don't get access to unless they purchased the retrofit. What more can you ask for from ship which is obsolete compared to the fleet version?
Woop dee doo!! Thats not new information and I have already had my Galaxy-R for over a year. All my characters fly TNG ships and I have notice in this recent patch that my Galaxy-R is now having a hard time fighting the NPC's in the Fleet missions. It didn't use to be that way a couple weeks ago. But now it feels like i'm flying around a tier 3 or 4 ship trying to battle tier 5 ships. Thats how I know my ship power got nerfed more. If they don't stop this shenanigans with crippling TNG canon ships to make their created ships more attractive, then I will retire this stupid game.

I am sick and tired of the Devs lying about how they trying to balance the game when all their efforts were to boost up and make the non-canon cruisers, escorts, and lock box ships to be the best ships in the game. Instead of making competing ships they should make competing setups and kits. The only way to have balance is to have all ships equall in ability. If they have been allowing escorts to be tanks with the Borg/MACO setups then they should allow the bigger crusiers to get some of that engine, weapon and shield power the escorts been enjoying. Then things would be equal and you could take on any ship as any ship. I try to use the same MACO/Borg setup as many of the successful PVP fleets use but I don't get much results from it in my Galaxy because the default power levels are stunted and the add ons from the consoles, skill trees, and ship equipment don't quite make the mark. I may be hard to kill but I am like a big flying billboard telling everyone to "attack me because my ship can do no harm to them and I might be an easier kill than an Odyssey".

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