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09-14-2012, 02:38 PM
Galaxy Class and Star Cruisers have the smallest amount of firepower of all engame cruisers in STO.
Even a Ferengi Marauder and a Galor Class got more firepower, the devs must have a strange sense of humor if you ask me.
(...or they never have seen the shows, lol.)

I can understand somehow that they don't like good looking ships but to punish everyone who likes them is just not right IMO.
In my opinion both ships science ensign should become a Lt. Cmdr universal to be on par with the new Assault Cruiser refit (the Regent class).
Additionally they should get a Universal Console slot. I just don't like the idea of such un-versatile Starfleet ships. Especially the Galaxy Class should be much more versatile than it is now IMO.

About the saucer seperation, what is that good for, if that ships doesn't have enough firepower to do noticeable damage?

I absolutely love the Galaxy Class and my heart bleeds when i see what the devs have done with it in this game.

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