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Originally Posted by thetruthurts View Post
As foundry authors it is our responsibility to be aware of the way the game is designed, and then design our missions accordingly. Unfortunately the small ship interior map you used does not work well with the way Cryptic designed ground combat. That is not your fault, as you did not design ground combat or make that map. However you did choose to use it in your mission.
I would have designed ground combat this way if I had.

The last fight is sizably overtuned and uses an open space. (My best run still has 3 deaths in it.)

The interior fights are basically how I think ground combat should be, with mobs that are maybe 10-15% less difficult. I don't get how people are playing that they wouldn't enjoy this. Most that I talk to DO but I'm not exactly clear on why this is worse than standard ground combat. I find it sizably BETTER and wish that all the combat was in more cramped spaces.