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Hmm... Maybe. It USUALLY didn't do it to me. Usually.... Also it only seemed to do it when the spawn point was elevated. Or maybe it was most noticable then..... I tried it on ground with a giant foundation cube and got nothing. It didn't affect me or my Boffs. But a raised platform with Klingon barrels got different results. It may be related to geometry though. The way the game determines if you're 'inside' soemthing is odd. it seems to look primarily at the location of your feet, but also sometimes ignores hollow objects. The barrel pile I used has a lot of internal geometry and a clearly defined bottom.

The confusing part is that it isn't consistent. It doesn't always work the same way twice. But, it doesn't really seem random, but as if an unknown variable is involved. *scratches head*

One of my tests involved using very large buildings to cover the spawn point. This had no effect, but that was on the ground only. I didn't think to try it in the air. Oh yeah... for whatever reason I only noticed the really flaky stuff when using an elevated platform that was set to disappear. An elevation of 1 produced no difference, but at an elevation of 39 it did weird stuff.

for a demo of what I mean by semi-random, try the demo mission I published named "movement testing"

The first map has a simple setup, run straight forward, when you hit the trigger(it's a really small one) a giant stone cube appears on top of you. Around 50% of the time you get relocated to the top of the cube, the other 50% you get pushed by the way you came. Why? What makes the difference? The speed you moved, the precise location where you reached the trigger? I can't seem to find an answer.

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