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That not new information either. I've already mentioned that the NPC's got updated and upgraded, but the Galaxy-R already had a hard time with battling them when they first came out with fleet missions. If they got to upgrade the NPC to the point to where you have to fly in the highest damage producing ships, that are not canon ships, then whats the point of fly the ship of my choice? Whats the point in even having ship variety? What the point of even calling this game Star Trek Oline when you can't even use the canon ships to be successful in this game. The Galaxy-R was already lagging behind other cruiser in performance due to power and turn rate, now it lagged out of use in the game period. The fleet versions are a boost for sales for them but if they going to update NPC's to make them better, then they should update people's ships that they paid cash for to keep up with the NPCs.
Right. This isn't new, what you posted isn't new, basically this whole thread was made just to complain about the existing state of the ship in game then. You said you the Gal-R got nerfed compared to a couple weeks ago and you just agreed with me that that wasn't the case.

And nothing in PVE needs only the highest damage producing ships. If you think you do, you're doing it wrong. As I mentioned, I fly a Gal-R as my main ship on my engineer, and while the question of it being the weakest ship at T5 is debatable, I will say that I don't feel like I'm forced to fly another ship to successfully accomplish anything else without a lot of unnecessary work. Things die in a reasonable time it seems, though as an engineer in a cruiser, I play more of a support role, but I'm setup in a way that I can put out some decent dps for short bursts if needed.

If anything, my science officer in an Intrepid-R kills much, much slower that my Gal-R, which is why I usually fly my Defiant-R with her.
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