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Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post
The Gal-R did not get 'nerfed' any more or less than any other T5 ship. Still has the same hull, shields, boffs, consoles, and weapons as before. It still gets you a discount on a fleet ship down the road. Yes the fleet ships are better. Thats the same story with all non-lockbox ships for the last two months. Everyone has stuff in the game they don't like, but very few things will ever be done about any of them. So you can deal with it and move on, keep flying your Gal-R (which is still quite capable), be patient and get your Fleet Gal-R for relatively cheap, or go play a different game. But this ranting/whining with nothing constructive to ask or suggest, it accomplishes nothing.
Getting nerfed doesn't necessarily mean getting hit points slashed. It can mean making a power inadequate on a ship, weapon, or shield to keep up with the normal action in the game.
This is not ranting, this is the god- damn truth that some of you people don't like to hear. We paid cash for this damn ship and want results for our money. We got ripped off for our money for shenanigans and gimmics. If the game gets updated, to the least, the players ships should be updated to keep up with the tiers. A tier 5 ship should be able to battle in a tier 5 PVE mission or battle in a PVP match whether they be old tier 5 ships or new tier 5 ships period. I have given constructive suggestions already, as did other people who made similar threads complaining about the Galaxy ships. Its the Devs that are stuborn and set in thier ways, only listening to what they want to hear, being praises and awe.