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09-14-2012, 04:14 PM
Antiproton or Disruptor DHC's/Turrets are what I stick with (with 1 Quantum Torp in front)
Occationally will run Phaser DHC's/Turrets just for the original look. Proc's for Phasers only seem to last a microsecond, so rather useless in my opinion.
Pair that with Cannon Spreads or Rapid Fire with HY or TS depending on what you're doing and you'll be a force to recon with.
Wouldn't worry about DBB's in my opinion, rather pointless.

There's a few Threads that have all the Stats/Benefits of each weapon type, pick what you think works best from there, and experiment

Just remember to stick with one Energy type, don't be a skittle boat

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