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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
I think the fleet Galaxy should have 4 eng consoles, 3 sci, 3 tac instead of its 5 eng, 3 sci, 2 tac setup. It also should change the ensign eng boff station to universal. This isn't too much to ask for seeing as how hard it is to even get a starbase high enough to even be able to purchase it. Even t1 starbase fleet ships get universals, why not the Fleet Galaxy.
Thats why I called foul when they came out with it. It don't need more ENG stuff, but it need a better turn rate and weapon power. I wish they would come up with an ENG console that boost damage or a universal console slot so you can put Tac, Eng or Sci console in them to bring up what ever shortcomings your ship has.