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09-14-2012, 11:38 PM
Your basic setup looks decent for items that you've picked up in your short time playing. Obviously you are going to want to replace most of your green quality Mk X and XI gear with blue or purple Mk XI gear (and XII when you can get it).

Specific suggestions:

Guns Aft: x2 Polaron beam array MK X and 1 Tricolbolt mine launcher MK X
You might want to use Polaron turrets instead of beam arrays--they will add their fire to your forward arc because they fire in a 360 degree arc. They will also be able to take advantage of the "Cannon Rapid Fire" and "Cannon Scatter Volley" Bridge Officer powers that you can use to boost your cannon power. Do take note however that turrets, like cannons will be unable to use Beam Fire At Will or Beam Overload.

Deflector: Graviton deflector array MK XI [ShdS] [SIF]

Impulse: Combat Impulse Engines MK X [Full] [Turn]

Shields: Remen prototype covariant shield array MK XI
Since you are using Polaron weapons, you might want to take advantage of the Jem'Hadar space set (deflector/engine/shield). Its two-piece bonus, "Dominion Synergy", gives a 7.5% boost to Polaron weapon damage as well as +15 to your Power Insulators rating.

Engineering consoles: Tetraburnium Hull Armor Mk X, SIF Generator Mk X, Plasma Distribution Manifold Mk X
Rather than the SIF Generator, you might want to add a Neutronium Hull Armor, which equally resists all energy types and resists kinetic damage.

Science consoles: Power Insulator Mk X, Shield Emitter Amplifier Mk IX
Ditch the Shield Emitter Amplifier and go for a Field Generator instead. The Field Generator will boost your total shield capacity by 15-20% depending on mark and quality level (17.5% for the Mk XI blue).

Here's a list of my bridge officers skills and my current skill setup =)
For your Engineering BOFF setup, you might want to switch that "Reverse Shield Polarity I" for "Emergency Power to Shields II", which is an almost essential ability for any player no matter what ship they are flying. It will guarantee you a set amount of shield healing and resistance, whereas "Reverse Shield Polarity" will only heal you based on the amount that you actually get hit by enemy fire during the few seconds that it is active, which is totally useless for healing during the moments between bouts of incoming fire.

Now, as for your Captain Skill Points allocation, I see that you have nine ranks in a lot of your skills--this is only really necessary on the skills that you absolutely, positively have to max out. The last three ranks only give a combined total of +15 to a skill, compared to the +54 gained from the first three ranks and the +30 gained from the second three ranks. I would reduce the less essential skills to six ranks, and use the extra skill points to put the bottom three ranks into some of the skills that you have neglected, such as Starship Projectile Weapons (boosts your base damage for mines and torpedoes), Starship Armor Reinforcement (resists kinetic damage from torpedoes, mines, tractor beams, etc.), Scientist (boosts your core Ground Scientist abilities), or Combat Armor (improves your Ground damage resistance).