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Originally Posted by maarkean View Post
I completely agree with this. That's always annoyed me about tractor beam. I want to tractor something, not pin it down.

If it worked this way it would be come useful. You could use your slow cruiser, tractor something so it's right in front of you and then finally be able to fire your torps when the shield drops.
And now you have given the reason for it staying the way it is from a pvp perspective.

Any one who pvp's does ~not~ want to be stuck in the frontal arc of any ship is the 90 degree arc in front of a ship is where not only torps fire from, but also most of the offensive boff skills work from.

Also, 2 powered ships moving in on the exact same heading when tractor beamed would do nothing, problems would start to occur when either ship is taking a different direction to the other, at which point something will give on one ship or another, be it emitters of the one using tractor beam, or a section of the ship on the one being held.

As for unpowered ships, the crew in the target ship would get jostled around due to lack of power for the inertial dampners, this could also effect the emitting ship if the power to the inertial dampners is not high enough to begin with.