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Originally Posted by ginobaldelli823 View Post
The Galaxy Class ship from TNG was a ship of peace, designed with exploration in mind first it was large to hold a large crew and science facilities. It was fast (its been a while) in the first episode while tyring to outrun Q they got the ship up to almost Warp 9.95 or 6 i think. But it has always lacked in firepower,
I call this BS. In the episode "The Best of Both Worlds" the voice of Borg explicitly states: "Capt Jean-Luc Picard, you lead the strongest ship in the Federation". Take into account it hase 12 (!) phaser arrays, two torpedo launchers and 250 torpedoes. Ship of peace my arse.

prime example of this was in the movie Star Trek Generations in orbit of Viridian III, the Enterprise-D (which had been refittedvto some degree...look at the bridge layout if you do not believe me.) scored a direct hit from the primary forward phaser array against the shields of a 20 year old bird of prey and while the impact was impressive to see when the next time you see inside the bird of prey they are not expericing many problem from the Flagship of the Federation (at the time) hitting them repeditly with multiple phaser strikes.
You do realise that they can show whatever they want doesn't matter how dumb it is? Why didn't they change the shield modulation? They wanted the ship destroyed in the film so they destroyed it. In the show there were multiple errors on various occasions i.e. Bird of Prey changing size between episodes so not everything they show is plausible.

So yes the Galaxy is lacking in the firepower dept. but it has always been lacking in that dept.
It's natural that newer ships tend to be better than their predecessors but I say again - the tale of Galaxy being a weak ship as far as offensive in concerned is a pile of c***.