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That's some good stuff Husanakx, I guess I'm playing more as a tank. Most of my, and my Boff, skills are geared for damg resistance and hull/shield heals. I only have one team heal ability,(Transfer Shield...). I always thought the science officers were the healers. I know I'm not a damage dealer and I like playing the support role. I'll have to reevaluate my set up. Thanks.

WW II is the perfect analogy. A B-17 with a squad of P-51s.
Oh yeah, starwrathforever, the keybinds, I've been learning that.
Ya tank and pvp are two words that don't really go together... Npcs can be tricked into shooting at you if you spec for threat... but Players will just ignore you and kill the real threats. In STFs and such a good tank can be a good thing, but in pvp you just end up getting ignored and you can't do much to help the guys getting beat up.

Here is a good standard Star Cruiser Engi PvP build... its not super high dmg... but it has some holds... and enough heals to be a real factor in a game.... try to support the nearest escort... hope they stick close and help you kill... you hold and try to drop warp plasma to catch people... keep the escort healed and hope they have a proper dps build and the 2 of you will role pretty well.

For Doffs....
Put 2 Dmg Control Doffs in... this will allow you to keep your 2 Emergency power to systems skills up almost 100% of the time.
After that... 3 shield doffs are a good way to protect yourself...
You can also consider the tractor beam doff... the purple one does drain pretty well... or the warp plasma doff... I would suggest just stick with the shield doffs though.