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The Galaxy Class ship from TNG was a ship of peace, designed with exploration in mind first it was large to hold a large crew and science facilities. It was fast (its been a while) in the first episode while tyring to outrun Q they got the ship up to almost Warp 9.95 or 6 i think. But it has always lacked in firepower, prime example of this was in the movie Star Trek Generations in orbit of Viridian III, the Enterprise-D (which had been refittedvto some degree...look at the bridge layout if you do not believe me.) scored a direct hit from the primary forward phaser array against the shields of a 20 year old bird of prey and while the impact was impressive to see when the next time you see inside the bird of prey they are not expericing many problem from the Flagship of the Federation (at the time) hitting them repeditly with multiple phaser strikes. Now with the onset of the Dominion Wars the Galaxy class ship did get a power boost to help fight the larger Jam Haddar ships and the Cardassian ships, but with the launch of the Soverign class ship the Galaxy did take a second seat to the development of the "Battle" cruiser. So yes the Galaxy is lacking in the firepower dept. but it has always been lacking in that dept. It's primary strenght is its ability to absorb, shake off, and deflect damage for long periods of time while it works on taking out the attacking ship(s).
It was a ship of peace designed to turn into a battlesip at will. It was no cruise liner just because it had families onboard. The ship was not lacking power in Generations. Dr. Soran helped the Klingons find out what the shield modulation frequency so there weapons can penetrate. After the first two torpedo hit the hull they damage the warpcore causing the ship to lose power. That would make the phasers weak. You can watch the movie again or you can check Memory Alpha. There is no refference in any Star Trek Dattabase say that the Galaxy was lacking in phaser power.