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09-15-2012, 03:05 AM
Actually there's one trick I know that might allow you to make npcs disappear, but it will require a lot of work since you'll have to build a custom interior map over an ext one one.

Choose a map with a large clearing. Put some platforms at let's say 15m. This will be your ground. Now add a npc on this ground. Now set the platform where the npc stands to hidden state when objective X is complete. The npc will fall. A second platform will appear at the same coordinates when objective Y is complete to recreate your ground. Of course you should take the player to another area of the map and close doors (ie adding closed doors walls over opened ones) or add forcefields in the meantime.

Technically this trick should work but it requires to create interiors from scratch, and this is a very long and tedious task, but if you're ready to do so, then you may use it.

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