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09-15-2012, 03:06 AM
I agree. If any ship in Starfleet is meant to be "versatile" it is the Galaxy.

The issue with this ship shows once again how fundamentally wrong the basic principles of STO are. Originally, universal BO slots were a thing for the KDF. Why? Klingons are highly specialized. Starfleet is the universal force with more emphasis on peacekeeping, exploration and science. And so should the Galaxy. Give the R at least a universal ENS to work with, make the seperation console a built-in ability (WHY is this a console anyway? The only other ship you can put it in is the T4 variant, right? Each and every ship below T5 is obsolete anyways...) and everything is fine.

It's bad enpugh that DPS is everything which defines a ship's usefullness in this game, but this will absolutely never change since it is the limited game mechanic the engine seems to offer. But at least show some respect for the most iconic ship in the fleet which probably got this game the majority of players, at least back in the day this game somehow still resembled Star Trek.
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