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Originally Posted by realalis View Post
My current ship build

Ship: Blockade Escort (Obtained from the level 40 ship token)

Guns Fore: x4 Polaron Heavy duel cannons MK X (I have 1 borg one and the rest are uncommon ones)

Guns Aft: x2 Polaron beam array MK X and 1 Tricolbolt mine launcher MK X
Your Arrays and DCs are never firing simultaneously and they rely on different BOFF abilities; you should switch to 3 Turrets Aft. Polaron Turrets since you're using Polaron, preferably Mk XI/XII, X is a bit short at lv50.

Deflector: Graviton deflector array MK XI [ShdS] [SIF]
[ShdS] [SIF] are good, but for an Escort, Gravitons don't help much. Switch to a Positron Deflector until Borg/MACO.
You can get a very good Deflector dirt cheap on the exchange.

Impulse: Combat Impulse Engines MK X [Full] [Turn]
Switch to Hyper-Impulse [Spd] [Turn] until Borg/MACO.
Dirt cheap on the exchange as well.

Shields: Remen prototype covariant shield array MK XI
Decent enough until MACO.

Engineering consoles: Tetraburnium Hull Armor Mk X, SIF Generator Mk X, Plasma Distribution Manifold Mk X
Get a Borg module (first Undine Episode mission) and put it here, move the Subspace Jumper here, a Neutronium is advised as well.

Science consoles: Power Insulator Mk X, Shield Emitter Amplifier Mk IX
Science Consoles for Escorts&Cruisers are very straightforward since the Field Generator change: pile as many Field Gens as you can. 2 in your case.

Tactical consoles: Polaron Phase Modulator Mk XI x2, Polaron Phase Modulator Mk X, Universal - Subspace Jumper
Since you've moved the Subspace Jumper to Eng, get a 4th Phase Modulator.

Here's a list of my bridge officers skills and my current skill setup =)
Skill points are fine, strongly advise to switch Ensign Eng slots to EpTS.