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Originally Posted by angrytarg View Post
Once again, kudos to you yreodred I'g glad there are still people sharing this point of view, your postings are always a balm for my aching trekkie-nerves
You're welcome.
I am glad that i am not the only one who sees STO primary as a Star Trek game than as a MMO.

My heart bleeds when i think about the possibilities this game could have if the developers would decide to make it more like a serious Star Trek game instead of this
parody of the Star Trek universe.

Originally Posted by angrytarg View Post
I'm not voting for universal-boff-slots per se on all vessels, it's okay to have some kind of basic specialization at least gameplay-wise. And canonically it also makes sense. The cruisers are meant to be the independent universal ships operating on their own without much support. Science vessels can do specialized missions with highly specialized equipment, smaller crew compartiment etc. while "escorts" (though the term refers to a function, not a class of ships) should be specialized in tactical situations. The Defiant was meant as a dedicated warship, after all. So was the Sovereign designed with tactical engagements in mind.

But especially cruisers but also science vessels should at least get one universal slot. Of course, that means that you cannot sell a new ship fpr 2000Z every time you release a new BOFF-layout...
Thats exactly my point.
Crusiers should be allround ships not just flying (but indestructable) tanks with no offensive power.
They should be much more versatile, but without outclassing Escorts or science vessels.
I know this could be hard, because most people in MMOs tend to Min Maxing everything and so ship have to be somehow extreme too.

The devs should be bold enough to make at least SOME cruisers more versatile and the Galaxy Class ist the best candidate for that.

Originally Posted by angrytarg View Post
This idea would also work for ground equipment. Why are there 6 types of rifles when the Starfleet standard issue rifles were clearly seen to be as versatile as a starship in terms of flexiblility? You could grand the players the ability to modify the weapons and equipment to fit a specific purpose.

The Red side would benefit fropm specialization, though. Not as versataile but more sophisticated in its metier. The Battlecruiser has a overall lower defense performance but does more damage but may be countered by science skills - you never know what kind of specialization the other captain has. And if all fails, call in a wing of BoP to your support - klingons have lot of these fragile but powerful ships at their disposal. On the ground, the Warrior may only have his rapid-firing short range disruptor (I think of "Klingon Honor Guard" where the disruptor rifle is actually a pistol combined with a "rifle" add-on ) but has more armour and could summon battle targs (oh how I want a targ-handling ability XD ).
Man i think we are on the same wavelenght here.

I know it is not on topic but it always bothered me that phaser pistols have two different kinds of look. (compression and stun phaser pistols for example.) For me it is just another example how much they must hate TNG design. I mean i am ok, if they don't like it. But they make this game for us, not for themselves. They should keep their personal taste and feelings for themselves and design Star Trek equipment and other things in this game more professional (more aligned to previous Star Trek designs).
It just makes me sick when i see things like that, deliberately made wrong, just as the Galaxy Class and most other Starfleet ships.

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There's also a fleet version of Galaxy, so the separation has to be bound to a console.
There is no reason why that ship shouldn't have a integrated saucer seperation ability.

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