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Originally Posted by jjumetley View Post
There's also a fleet version of Galaxy, so the separation has to be bound to a console.
Aside from "what yreodred said" the fleet version was only introduced lately. The Gal-R sits there for 2 and a half years at least. Seperation being a console doesn't make much sense, that's all. It's not that you could just pull the plug and the ship is suddenly incapable of seperating...

@ yreodred: regarding the weapons my personal theory is that STO is more or less just a mod of "Champions online". I have never played that, but let's tone it down to the fact that STO basically just puts Star Trek-themed skins over an existing game and in this game you probably have all those weapon choices that they somehow had to "translate" to a Star Trek game. Why on earth they decided that Miniguns, Blast Assault Rifles, Plasma Grenades and all that stuff had to be in this game is anyones guess but it may be just a result of the limited possibliites the DEVs had to work with. Who knows...
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