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Originally Posted by f9thaceshigh View Post
these are big-ass graviton beams! Beams that manipulate gravity, that means that things like mass and inertia don't matter as long as the tow ship has a big enough power supply.
unless ofc the ship has sufficient mass to have it's own noticeable gravity!

No, mass is not relevant, but inertia is. The same way as inertia makes a big ship accelerate slower. This would only mean that getting a bigger ship up to speed would be slower.

As for engines, it appears all ships in STO use the same impulse engines. This is pretty true to canon, where full/half/quarter impulse are almost used as fixed speeds. Anyway, adding a big ass impulse engine to a cruiser would not make it go faster, just accelerate faster.

So the natural elements to affect the towing would be:
- Engine power
- Points in graviton particles
- Aux power
- TB version
- Inertia (but just for acceleration purposes)