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Originally Posted by husanakx View Post
This one I disagree on... honestly GW is a great skill right now as it is... people don't understand it... honestly a fully speced (graviton) GW... pulls like a mother... throw in doffs to proc secondaries and this skill is honestly pretty usable... when I have built a ship for it I have been able to keep a GW out at pretty much all times with a mix of doffs.

I found a full specced GW3 even with full particle gens/ graviton skilled to 9, and the appropriate MK XII purple x4 consoles is still both ****ty on damage AND repel. In fact, i could easily fly out of a GW3 without much hassle, actually i didnt feel any repel or tractoring at all, and my omega wasnt up. :/

Should be buffed.

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