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09-15-2012, 09:27 AM
I find a lot of players shun melee due to the 'tiny' damage it does (when compared to some of the hardcore tactical stuff), but when combined with those, you can finish off opponents really quick.

As a Vulcan Sci Medic (it's just how I like to play), I'm a big fan of melee. Prefer a Bat'leth to anything else. Have tried other wepaons but always go back. In STF's it doesn't work so well if you have more than one melee-er because of the lack of DPS, but if the rest of the team either follows the melee-er or lets them tank the Heavy Tactical Drones while they deal with the rest, I'd say melee is a valuable addition of any STF group - especially if you are lacking in DPS. You have to know how and when to (not) use it though or it can end badly. It's not about aggroing everything and charging in and on levels like infected, that will obviously lose you the optional. It's also quite easy to lose north if you actually move while you do it - I often find myself coming out of a long combat with a Heavy drone with no clue as to what else is going on around me. Many players just treat it like a close range gun, which is less effective and you also receive more damage. It's also a shame that there isn't a physical augmentation version of the MACO/Omega stuff.

An all melee Colony Invasion works pretty well too. In fact I think it might actually be easier that way than using firearms because of the shield penetration.

And as for PvP, an all melee session of that is mega fun.